Decorative Wayfinding Signs Contribute to Your Community’s Image and Development

Decorative Wayfinding Signs

Including decorative wayfinding signs throughout a community is a simple way to enhance the quality of a visitor’s experience – no more visitors getting lost or frustrated due to lack of signs. This, in turn, improves your community’s image and can positively contribute to your reputation long-term.


Decorative wayfinding signs are informative and attractive enough to capture visitors’ attention and guide them in the proper direction by explaining what is ahead. A functional and eye-catching sign will essentially help visitors maximize their time and energy as they navigate through both private and public spaces. It is important to remember those who rely on these signs may use various modes of transportation ranging from vehicles to bicycles, so the signs should be clear and legible for all people in motion to view.


Visitors aren’t the only people who benefit from decorative way finding signs. These signs can also help residents of the area, particularly if the environment is changing and becoming more complex due to rapid growth. Having a strong street signage system is essential for helping residents easily navigate their surroundings and maintain pride in where they live, work and shop.

Local Vicinity

Having strong signage can also contribute in a positive way to a community’s economic development and revitalization strategy. Quality and professional-looking signs are tools that can attract business owners who want to become a part of an engaging community, as well as draw in tourist and resident dollars. The more comfortable a consumer feels in the area, the more confident he or she will be about staying there to sightsee, eat and shop for extended periods of time. In addition, tourists are motivated to learn more about unique events, destinations and attractions in the area and return for future visits.

Decorative wayfinding signs can help support your community’s brand by featuring unique designs while communicating recognizable and consistent standards. Otherwise, a city’s or neighborhood’s signs may appear piecemeal and fragmented. With help from a qualified company such as Brandon Industries, you can easily create eye-catching signs that will keep your community on the map.

Why You Need Brandon Industries’ Mailboxes

Why You Need Brandon Industries’ Mailboxes

Brandon Industries provides high-quality mailboxes that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Here are a few of the reasons to upgrade your complex or properties with Brandon Industries mailboxes:

Increase Property Values

These mailboxes will attract homebuyers, plain and simple. Depending on your property or complex’s style, you can choose from various mailbox designs like reproduction antique, cast aluminum or more decorative options. This will not only improve the look of an individual property, but installing throughout a neighborhood creates a very high-end feel.

Highly Durable

Brandon Industries specializes in high-quality items that are designed to last. Cast aluminum is used for all mailbox parts, ensuring that each model will be able to withstand years of wear and tear out in the open. Additionally, electrostatically applied polyester thermoset powder-coat finished is applied to every mailbox to protect against things like rust, fading and chipping over time.

Approved by USPS

All of the mailbox options provided through Brandon Industries have been approved by the US Postal Service, ensuring that there is no disruption or interference with regular mail service.

What Brandon Industries Offers

Brandon Industries guarantees the absolute best prices in the industry, making them the ideal solution for any landlord, township, city or borough who is looking to improve the look and feel of their area. Brandon also provides personal service that is fast and reliable, including express quoting, quick lead times and on-time shipping. And finally, rest assured about your purchase because each order comes standard with a 30-day refund and 1-year warranty.

Creating Custom Signs with Brandon Industries

Creating Custom Signs with Brandon Industries

If you want to create custom signage for your city, town, neighborhood or commercial outdoor space – Brandon Industries can help you do so in a unique and professional manner. There is a step-by-step process to follow, and we’ve provided a brief overview below for those interested in what is included.

Step 1: You’ll first need to choose the type of pole you’d like your sign to be on. Brandon Industries offers several options, including fluted round poles, smooth round poles, channel round poles and smooth square poles. You’ll also be able to customize the diameter and height of the pole itself. Diameters can range from 3” – 5” (available only on round poles) and heights can be anywhere from 8’ – 14’.

Step 2: The top of the pole itself will need to be finished, and you’ll have the option to choose from various designs. Whether you choose to keep it simple with a variety of basic caps or you’d prefer something more ornate like an acorn, star or ball – you’ll have plenty of different options.

Step 3: Once the top of the sign has been chosen, you’ll need to select a base for your pole. There are two options in this case – two-pieces and slip-overs.

Step 4: The next step involves choosing the sign itself. Brandon Industries offers a few different options, ranging from reflective vinyl signs to street/traffic signs. However, if you prefer to customize something – your own art can be added thanks to the help of Brandon Industries’ experienced design team.

Step 5: Finally, choose a trim and bracket for the sign itself to ensure a finished, professional look. Street sign trims and decorative scrolls are available, as well as traffic sign trims and optional logo signs and trims.

Once these five steps have been completed, you’ll be left with a polished and professional finished product that is ready for installation!

Buy Street Signs That Make Your City Stand Out

Your city may have many benefits to offer visitors—for example, you might have popular attractions, beautiful scenery or some of the area’s best shopping centers. However, if guests of your city don’t know how to get to these places efficiently, this can quickly lead to frustration and even cautionary tales being shared to potential new visitors. Custom street signs can help people stay positive when seeking attractions in your city and simply help people get to where they want to go.

Street signage is imperative for guiding people through your city’s streets in an effective manner. Even if certain places may be generally difficult to find, a sign can make it easier and even help when people share verbal directions. Places easy to find draw more traffic, contributing in a positive way to your local economy. Clear street signs also help drivers feel more confident about where they are going, therefore minimizing distractions and potential accidents.

Other Benefits
When you decide to make your own street sign, you have the authority to make it look exactly how you want it to appear. If you want your city to have a more sophisticated look, you can buy street signs that are designed elegantly. Communities with customized street signs tend to look more upscale, uniform and organized. This helps create a positive image of your area and may even draw homebuyers while improving local residents’ resale values. With unique street signs, your community will stand out in a positive way.

Creating your own signs may seem overwhelming at first because a street sign features many important parts. However, a reputable signage company will guide you through the process of building your own signs for various parts of your city and neighborhoods. For instance, a company expert will assist you with choosing a pole of an appropriate height, a correctly sized decorative finial and an ornamental base that adds style to your sign. A quality company provides standard signs, such as speed limit, stop and yield signs, while at the same time being able to make special signs that will meet your specific needs long-term.

Why Choose Brandon Industries Outdoor Lighting?


Brandon Industries has over 27 years of experience in providing high-quality lighting solutions for parks, cities, courtyards and more. There are plenty of reasons that Brandon Industries should be your first choice for commercial outdoor lighting, but the most important is that they only utilize the best LED lighting solutions available. With Cree brand ingredients, you can count on this form of advanced technology to burn brighter, longer.

Beautiful Options
From decorative posts that can instantly upgrade an area to unique bulbs that don’t look run-of-the-mill, you’ll find the ideal style for your outdoor space. Additionally, cast aluminum material is used for all lighting products, meaning that you won’t experience rust or corrosion over time. Chipping and fading is also prevented thanks to durable polyester thermostat powder coating.

What Brandon Industries Offers
Brandon Industries is proud to offer the best prices in the outdoor lighting industry. Our professional staff is also dedicated to providing fast lead times and express quoting options to ensure every project is completed efficiently. No matter how big or small your project may be, we’re happy to work closely with you to ensure a finished product that exceeds your expectations. Additionally, a 30-day refund and 1-year warranty comes standard with each and every job we complete.

Contact Us
If you’re interested in working with Brandon Industries on an upcoming outdoor lighting project, get in touch with their team of professionals today. By calling 1-800-247-1274, you’ll be able to speak with a lighting expert regarding fast service options in your area.

Think Outside the Mailbox

When we design our homes we would be remiss if we did not include the outside in our decor. We focus on the landscape and entertainment areas, but there’s another way we can showcase our homes by including a nice personalized mailbox. The front of the home is the first and last thing a guest sees, so it should be memorable. A mailbox doesn’t just serve as a utilitarian structure; it should enhance the beauty of your landscape. After all, we all enjoy good curb appeal, so why not go a notch above with a decorative mailbox?

Decorative Mailboxes

Mailboxes are a fun way to make your home an even cozier oasis. It brings cheer to those who come and go and it’s fun to personalize. A mailbox can be a sculptural statement, a piece of art. Mailboxes can be quaint and charming or sleek and strong depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. There are also ways to customize your mailbox so you feel it truly fits your style.

Customizing your mailbox is a fun way to express your style and individuality, and because our cast aluminum mailbox parts are all interchangeable, it has never been easier. We show a variety of complete mailbox units on our website but if you can’t find the exact look you’re trying to achieve you can swap out the bracket, base, or finial to make an extra special mailbox just for you.

Replacement and Maintenance
Accidents happen, whether it’s a neighbor taking a turn too wide in their car, a crazy fastball from a neighborhood baseball game, or just from backing out of your own driveway before your morning coffee has had time to work its magic. If it’s your mailbox on the other end of that accident there’s good news for you. In most cases, there’s no need to replace the whole mailbox, only the part that’s broken. This makes maintenance affordable and easy. And because our mailbox parts are readily available, your mailbox will be fixed in no time.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Doesn’t Have to Be Dull

If you have ever thought about adding style and function to your business façade then you should consider your outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is great for any type of business. Not only does it serve a practical purpose, it also completely changes the atmosphere of an area. Lighting is a brilliant solution to your landscape woes and with so many options for custom commercial lighting, there’s no need to compromise on style or break the budget.

Commercial Lighting
Commercial outdoor lighting is a great opportunity to blend function with style and we make it easy to find the right lamppost to match your taste and budget. Our CL1 Base Series, with a 3” OD fluted pole is great for tight budgets and our CL7 series with a sturdy 5” OD fluted pole works well in windy regions. Whether you are looking for something classic in design, a modern feel, or ornate, you will find a matching base and luminaire at Brandon Industries. Our lamp posts add a lot of charm without requiring a huge budget and there are endless options to make your lighting a bright focal point for your business.

Lighting Solutions
For any lighting issue there are LED lighting solutions. Whether you want to LED retrofit your traditional style acrylic or prismatic acorn globe, or go modern with a sleek downlight fixture, you can find it at Brandon Industries. You might be asking, why LED lights? LED lights are long lasting, which make them very cost effective and practical for commercial use. Not only do they not have to be replaced as often, they are incredibly efficient in their energy usage. LED lights are also known for the brilliant light they emit. LED lights do not alter the color of things like high pressure sodium (HPS) and incandescent bulbs, so what you see is really what you get when it comes to using commercial LED lights. There is no need to worry about quality of the LEDs at Brandon Industries. Our LED retrofits and luminaires are installed and tested with Cree components to give you a money saving, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly lighting solution, all in a name you can trust.

Seeing the Light
Outdoor lighting is a great way to create a wonderful neighborhood ambiance. Whether you choose a style like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting, or something super modern more akin to the TV series, The Jetsons, your lampposts will help create an atmosphere leaving all who pass by with a memorable and sentimental impression. Outdoor lighting is a great addition to parks, churches, shops, restaurants, shopping centers, office buildings and coffee shops. There is really no limit as to who benefits from investing a little into their outdoor atmosphere with some commercial lighting.

Custom Street Signs Add a Personal Touch

Every homeowner wants their home to leave a lasting impression on guests and those who pass by. When it comes to distinguishing a home from just a house we turn to the little things that express our individuality. A home is a personal space, so it makes sense that we enjoy personalizing it. Perhaps we have nameplate that reads, “The Smiths” at the front door. There are many ways we can decorate our homes, but why not personalize an entire neighborhood or town? One way this can be accomplished is to buy custom, coordinating street signs.

Why Custom?
Custom street signs are the perfect way to add ambiance to your neighborhoods, parks and other public places. Customized street signs will be certain to add charm. There are a multitude of options to make a regular traffic sign, street sign, or a combination of the two, something spectacular. In fact, you can customize everything about your sign system, from top to bottom.

When customizing your signs you have a variety of details to choose from. You can choose square poles, for a modern look, or fluted round poles, for a traditional feel. Our decorative bases vary in height and width and are more or less ornate depending on what you desire. Sign trims are another nice detail. Similar to a picture frame around a photograph, the trim borders and holds the sign for stability and style. To top it off, adding a decorative finial completes the look and safeguards the interior of your pole for years to come. Ornamental street signs are a great way to showcase style.

If you really want to add a personal touch to your street signs, you could add your community logo. Everyone driving through your neighborhood will know exactly where they are, and everyone living in the neighborhood will feel a since of community of pride. Sometimes the biggest impressions are made with the smallest of details, and a sign is a wonderful way to personalize your neighborhoods, old town district, parks, shopping centers or even the entire town.

Walk Scores: Pedestrian-Friendly Neighborhoods and Home Values

Those long walks around the neighborhood are good for the mind, good for body… and apparently good for your house’s bottom line.

At least that’s what’s been reported in a recent study done by city-planning thinktank CEOs for Cities, which measured the correlation between home values and “walkability” in various neighborhoods.

The study looked at more than 90,000 recent home sales from 15 different metropolitan areas, and gave each a “Walk Score” how many destinations like work, schools, parks, services, and shopping are located within a short distance of that home, and how much families valued that access. In 13 of the 15 cities, the study found, increases in home sale prices could be directly connected to each neighborhood’s pedestrian friendliness.

The results are illuminating:

“More than just a pleasant amenity, the walkability of cities translates directly into increases in home values. Homes located in more walkable neighborhoods, those with a mix of common daily shopping and social destinations within a short distances” command a price premium over otherwise similar homes in less walkable areas. Houses with the above- average levels of walkability command a premium of about $4,000 to $34,000 over houses with just average levels of walkability in the typical metropolitan areas studied.

[…] After controlling for all of these other factors that are known to influence housing value, our study showed a positive correlation between walkability and housing prices in 13 of the 15 housing markets we studied. In the typical market, an additional one point increase in Walk Score was associated with between a $700 and $3,000 increase in home values.”
The added value makes sense. Walkable neighborhoods tend to have a more healthy, vibrant, interconnected community feel. Safety breeds trust. Trust breeds relationships. Relationships breed a sense of place and community, create memories, and boost the attachment families have to their neighborhoods. All this, of course, also boosts home values across the board.

To achieve this, streetscape elements like street signage and attractive street lighting are key. Our products minimize vehicle traffic by getting drivers where they need to go more efficiently (and safely), and make walkable paths and spaces more inviting and easier to locate for pedestrians. At Brandon Industries, we make it easy for families to get out, get fit, and get friendly.

Contact our Streetscape Experts for more information about how to boost your community’s Walk Score.

The Science of Streetscape Savings

It’s not a bad idea, of course, to air on the side of caution when it comes to street lighting systems such as commercial luminaires and decorative lamp posts and signage systems such as traffic signs and custom aluminum street signs. And here at Brandon Industries, we take pride in providing communities with reliable, top-quality streetscape products at affordable prices.

But careful, accurate streetscape installations can save your community a bit of money that can be used elsewhere (say, on attractive courtyard lighting for a park or community space) — without sacrificing safety.

Our streetscape experts can help.

For example, how can your community decide exactly how many street lights (and what type of street lamps) are needed to keep your streets safe for pedestrians and drivers alike — without going overboard and ordering and installing extra lights that don’t actually enhance lighting coverage or aesthetic appeal. Each community has unique needs concerning streetlights, depending upon the landscape of the neighborhood and specific traffic patterns. So each community will require a unique streetscape solution.

Or, for another example, your community’s wayfinding sign needs and traffic sign needs will depend specifically on both local and state laws and regulations.

Here at Brandon Industries, we’ve been serving the streetscape needs of neighborhoods nationwide for nearly 25 years. So we have a highly refined, unmatched understanding of what is needed in most streetscape installations. But beyond our own experience and expertise, we also know when to ask for help — and when outside experts are needed (such as a local lighting engineer, city government officials or neighborhood association representatives). We can tell you who you need to check with concerning different installations, as well as how to find them.

But the first step is simply to contact us with any questions about what’s right for your neighborhood, business center, retail center, school, park or entertainment complex.