Custom Street Signs and How They Can Set Your Community Apart

Residents take pride in their neighborhood’s unique identity. Each neighborhood in America has its own fingerprint; no two are alike. It’s important to visually differentiate one neighborhood from another. One way to show your neighborhood pride: customizing street signs.

The city of Yankton, South Dakota, listened to its residents when they provided some feedback in a Facebook poll regarding the Meridian District’s decorative street signs and poles. The district – a historic downtown neighborhood and shopping center – received complaints about its green lamp posts (with green signage) blending into the background. The community asked for black posts with decorative white street signs, and the city honored the customization.

“It’s a great way to define the district,” City Manager Amy Nelson told the Press & Dakotan. “It’ll feel a little bit like you’ve entered somewhere different, and you have. It’s somewhere that’s defined from the other neighborhoods.”

The residents of Yankton are happy with the results. However, they could’ve helped visitors know the name of the district they worked hard to define by adding the district’s name to the signage or as a street sign topper.

Midway Hollow, a historic neighborhood in Dallas, added custom sign-toppers to their neighborhood street signs just in time for the holidays. Adam Saxton, a resident of Midway Hollow, started a fundraiser to add custom sign-toppers to his neighborhood’s street signs. The City of Dallas has a program that will install the toppers, but residents still need to fund the project. 85 neighbors contributed more than $6,000 to have 64 sign-toppers installed on each street.

“Neighborhood sign-toppers can be so beneficial,” Saxton said. “Not only do they help foster a sense of community and promote neighborhood branding, but they increase security and make neighborhoods more desirable.”

Customizing neighborhood street signs allows a community to experience a facelift. Custom signage has several other benefits, such as: guiding visitors, advertising neighborhoods and businesses districts, providing an upscale appeal, directing traffic in walkable communities. When considering this type of project, it’s important to work with a company that is very familiar with the Department of Transportation’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Like the communities mentioned in this post, Brandon Industries can revamp your neighborhood with custom street signs, sign-toppers, wayfinding signs and more. Contact one of our experts to discuss your specific needs.