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Hey Property Managers! Brandon Industries is Your One Stop Shop!

August 11, 2017

Do you manage a property and find yourself frustrated in having to go to different vendors for every little thing? Well not anymore! Brandon Industries has worked hard to create families of products so that you can get lighting, poles, bases, CBU’s, mailboxes, wayfinding signs, and street signs all with one phone call.

It is important to remember that few brands are capable of capturing the entire market with which their products, right? Right. For example, a ‘luxury’ brand cannot capture consumers who are interested in saving on costs, just like a ‘budget’ brand cannot capture those who are interested in something a bit more prestigious or prominent. As a result, carrying new products is important because it lets us, as the retailer expands our customer base, which – as you can probably imagine – can have a very positive effect for sale figures. It’s also important to give our customers choices when it comes to price, which is why we are adding new products all the time.

Finally, carrying a family of products can have an important and positive impact on our customers; and our reputation overall. Having a bigger selection of products helps make us more of a ‘one-stop shop’ and destination for visitors. Being a reliable and “go-to” establishment will help convince our customers to come to us when they need something – regardless of what it might be. Likewise, carrying a family of products gives our business a sense of responsiveness, making Brandon Industries seem more caring, considerate, and in-tune with our customer base’s ever-changing needs and wants.

So, next time you’re thinking about upgrading the lighting on your property, or putting in new CBU’s for your tenants or redoing all of your wayfinding signs, give Brandon Industries a call. We are your ONE STOP SHOP!