Cluster Box Units

How Cluster Box Units are Changing our Neighborhoods

The days of every house having their own individual mailboxes is quickly coming to an end. The USPS Cluster Mailbox Policy changed on February 9, 2017. It reads: The Postal Operations Manual (POM), Section 631.1 – 3 and the April 5, 2012, POM revisions provide the Postal Service with “. . .autonomy in determining the modes of delivery when adding new deliveries, thereby enabling the Postal Service to provide services adequate and necessary to meeting its basic function in the most efficient manner.” Nationwide, secure central delivery has been determined to be the most efficient, as well as the most customer supportive method of delivery for new residential developments. Under section 202 of House Bill (No. 114H5714 – RH), 39 USC 3692 would be amended to provide, at 3692(c)(1), that “(f)or any new delivery point establish after the date of enactment of the Postal Service Reform Act of 2017, the Postal Service shall provide a primary mode of mail delivery other than door delivery, with a preference for secure, centralized delivery.” Therefore, the current House Bill is consistent with the current POM language and reinforces secure, central delivery as the Postal Service’s preferred mode of delivery for all new residential developments. For new residential developments currently under construction, the Dallas/Fort Worth Delivery Team is available to meet with you at your convenience to discuss the approval process.

This means that for the most part, it is still up to the Home Owners Association to maintain and install these central mailboxes. One of the big pushes for neighborhoods switching over to cluster box units is to help with the efficiency of the USPS. If a mailman only has to make 10 stops at cluster box units in a neighborhood, verses 150 individual homes it a saving of 60% of the mailman’s time.

You may be asking yourself, what will be the impact to existing developments? Will door-to-door delivery be changed to centralized? Who would install those new boxes? To answer your questions, The Postal Service has a Residential Mode Conversion program in place for existing developments where residents express a desire to convert to secure, centralized delivery. The District Growth Coordinator works with the local Home Owner’s Association (HOA) and directly with the home owners where there is no HOA. The installation of the new boxes is determined on a case-by-case basis.

You may be wondering if there’s a plan or regulation to move established neighborhoods/single- family developments to centralized delivery. The Postal Service does not have a regulation that requires existing residential developments that currently have curbside delivery to convert to centralized delivery. However, the Postal Service’s Residential Mode Conversion program provides a convenient option for making the conversion to secure, centralized delivery. Many of our customers have made the switch based on the convenience and security that centralized delivery provides.

Although this is a big change from what we are used to, cluster box units at the end of the day make the delivery of mail way more efficient. If your next development requires cluster box units call Brandon Industries. We have a wide selection of USPS industry standard cluster box units ready to go. Our traditional and classic cluster box units can help give you a decorative and safe option for retrieving your mail in a centralized location that is more efficient for our postal service.