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5 reasons why new development neighborhoods are making the switch to CBU's

March 09, 2018

5 reasons why new development neighborhoods are making the switch to CBU's

March 5, 2018

It’s alarming. Incidents of packages being stolen from porches are increasingly becoming commonplace. No wonder CBU’s are being made mandatory in new development neighborhoods.

In spite of the digital form of communication taking over the world, plain old mail and parcels still have a special place in our hearts.

USPS handles 47% of the world’s mail by volume and receives various types of mail theft complaints. According to their investigations, the most common types of mail thefts include checks and credit cards which are a goldmine for identity thieves.

Leaving mail on your porch or in a curbside mailbox makes it all the more susceptible to theft. In townhome communities all over the United States, CBU mailboxes have been in use for years. In fact, more and more medium and large sized apartments are warming up to the idea of USPS approved cluster mailboxes.

There are many good reasons to have your mail delivered to a cluster box unit. Let’s quickly examine a few:

Peace of Mind: With your mail and parcels safely locked away in boxes, the chances of identity thieves getting their hands on your credit cards or checks are pretty slim.

Our powder-coated cluster mailboxes are made from heavy-duty aluminum. The extruded seams are welded together, not riveted. The doors on these units have stainless steel hinges and heavy duty cam locks that make them very difficult to break into. They are also scratch and weather resistant, rust free.

As there are multiple boxes in a CBU mailbox, it’s difficult for thieves to identify individual mailboxes.

Many sizes that fit any need: Decorative mailboxes can increase the curb appeal of your house. Although, buying a number of individual mailboxes for a new development would be an expensive affair. In addition, it can be a challenge to secure, maintain, repair and replace individual mailboxes.

Cluster mailboxes, on the other hand, come in various sizes. You wouldn’t need to share mailboxes or spend on their upkeep, as they are virtually maintenance free. These mailboxes come in various sizes that range from 8 to 16 personal mailboxes.

The CBU’s also have one or more parcel units, which provide ample storage for online shoppers.

It’s economical, as the cost of installation per mailbox for a CBU is cheaper than buying and installing individual mailboxes. In a CBU, all mailboxes are built into a single unit that looks elegant and professional.

USPS Policy Adherence: The USPS is pushing new neighborhoods to install CBU’s that will reduce the cost of mail delivery. Distributing mail to the CBU’s will help save USPS, $4.5 billion dollars a year.  

With the threat from competitors like FedEx and UPS, the post office service has already had to close down numerous post offices all over the country. If you are moving into a new neighborhood it’s probably going to become mandatory sooner rather than later.

They are also easier to maintain, as there’s only a single area in your neighborhood that needs to be mowed around or shoveled.

Personalized: These cluster mailboxes are free-standing, pedestal mounted. They are available in Traditional and Classic finishes. There is also a range of installations that you can use to customize yours or you could go with a decorative CBU.

For example, overhead roofs to keep off the snow and lighting to make them accessible 24/7 are some of the accessories that are available. They can also be installed inside buildings, which make them easier to access for seniors or during inclement weather.

Convenience: Curbside and lobby mailboxes are great for incoming mail. But what do you do for outgoing mail? Though some individual mailboxes provide an option for outgoing mail, it can easily be tampered with by mischievous kids and identity thieves alike.

Cluster mailbox units provide residents with a separate compartment for outgoing mail. It is convenient and saves you a trip to the post office, which is a blessing during bad weather.

With a sloped hood on the outgoing mail slot in the clustered mailboxes, you don’t have to worry about someone trying to steal your mail.

To sum it all up, CBU’s are becoming the de-facto standard for centralized mail delivery all over the United States. Why not? It keeps your information secure and saves you both time and money. The convenience of not having to run to the post office for your outgoing mail is the icing on the cake.

If you are looking to get CBU’s for your new neighborhood, contact us here for a free quote.