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Did you know Brandon Industries sells direct Nationwide

June 12, 2018

Did you know Brandon Industries sells direct Nationwide

June 12, 2018

You have known Brandon Industries to be the top source of Streetscape Solutions for customers since 1987. But did you know that we also sell our products across the nation?

Since ours is a company dedicated to creating quality products that enhance the streets, preserve the history of downtown districts and supports the beautification of communities, we make sure that our products reach every corner of the country without any delay. We sell directly to the customer and provide one-on-one service making it easier and convenient for you. Our customers often count on us for speedy on-time delivery. Our two-week average delivery time is way ahead of the industry average.

Brandon Industries supplies builders, developers, homeowners associations, and cities with unique classically designed outdoor lighting sign poles pole bases, finials, sign poles, mailbox, and so much more at competitive prices. We believe in treating our customers with respect so we understand the importance of giving them choices when it comes to prices. Consistently adding new products to our family of products has helped us become a one-stop solution for customers looking for a reliable establishment to fulfill their signage requirements.

Our diverse line of products offers the best blend of form and functionality. Be it restoring a neighborhood to its authentic heritage or giving it a modern and elegant transformation; Brandon Industries is your best partner. Using effective techniques from yesteryears and the best of latest innovative technology, we ensure that our street-lights are completely efficient and long-lasting. From basic post top fixtures to LED wall packs and bollards, our number one priority is delivering quality and elegance each time.

The perfect way to give your community a charming makeover is with gorgeous mailboxes.  Brandon Industries specialize in a wide range of USPS-approved mailboxes, including apartment mailboxes, centralized mail systems, and even ornate antique mailboxes. A small addition to a mailbox can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your residence. It can also help to increase the property value by increasing your home’s curb appeal. Built with exceptional sturdiness to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and wear and tear, and highly resistant to chipping, fading and rusting, these mailboxes will last for a long time.

When it comes to signage, we have over 31 years of experience as the leading providers of decorative signage systems. Having catered to customers across the nation, we deliver nothing short of the highest quality products. With custom street and traffic signs to wayfinding signs and decorative sign parts, our signage system will give your community a unique and charming appeal. It can also serve to avoid road and traffic accidents.

Our breakaway poles are extremely useful in high-speed environments, where an unbending signpost could cause an off-road accident considerably worse. Our cast aluminum signage systems are highly durable and quite easy to transport. You can also top off your sign with one of our decorative sign finials. No matter what your sign style, we have the perfect finial to complete the look and give it a touch of fun, class or elegance.

Apart from this, we also provide our customers with the opportunity to customize their selections. If customers are unable to find the type of sign they require from our ready-made selection, then we manufacture signs in custom shapes in line with your requirements. These include custom street signs, traffic control signs, wayfinding signs and many others. Customized signs are one of a kind unique product tailor-made just for you.

If you have a large requirement, buying in bulk could save you a lot of money.  For large projects, we can provide unpainted products of the highest quality for bulk purchases at a considerably lower price.  We have the largest selection and the best prices in the industry. Our bulk products are also available individually so you can buy only what you need.

We, at Brandon Industries, are dedicated to providing personal one-to-one service. We believe in human communication and do not entrust any electronics machines when it comes to communicating with our customers and giving them the best customer service possible.

We also commit to delivering our products within the fastest lead time. We currently ship to all parts of the USA and Canada. With the best price in the industry, exceptional personal service, one-year warranty and a 30-day refund, you can definitely count on Brandon Industries for your decorative signage needs.