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    1. Complete Signage System
    2. Commercial Stop Sign
    3. Fluted Round Sign Poles 3"
    4. Decorative trims
    5. Standard vinyl type is HIP high intensity
    6. 1-Year Warranty
  • Brandon Industries offers an extensive collection of Official Stop Signs that are sure to meet your needs. Choose from MUTCD signs, in-street crosswalk stop signs, and any custom signs you need. This complete Stop sign unit with a 3” OD fluted sign pole, tall slip-over base, acorn finial and decorative trim, includes a 30″ Stop sign, in engineer grade or high intensity vinyl. Product specification sheet with CAD drawing is provided for more details. These street signs with all their different sign types are the perfect addition to your project. This commercial street signs look great in any neighborhood. This commercial street sign looks great in any neighborhood or on a residential area. 

  • Download Spec Sheet 

Collections: SIGNAGE

Type: 3 Inch Fluted Sign Poles

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