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Custom Signs

Custom Signage Systems – How to Build Your Own

Every community is unique in its own way—from the people who call it home to the business that set up shop.

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Showcase your communities’ uniqueness with customized street and traffic signs. Designing your own signs may sound like a daunting task, but we have a step-by-step guide and professional sales associates only a phone call away to help make creating the perfect sign system a breeze. 

1. Choose Sign Poles: The right street sign pole is essential for any signage system. It’s where all your signs will be displayed and you will choose your decorative elements based on the size and shape of this pole, so it’s the best place to begin. We have a variety of styles that come in multiple diameters and heights. Pole height is chosen based on minimum mounting height of sign. The minimum mounting height is measured from the bottom of the lowest sign on the pole to grade. MUTCD standards are 7’ for regulatory signs. Because the poles are direct burial installation, you must account for at least 2’ needed below grade to the total length of the pole. Simply put, if you want to have pole 10’ above ground, you need to choose a 12’ pole.

Types of poles offered:
  • Fluted, Round Poles
  • Smooth, Round Poles
  • Channel Round Poles
  • Smooth, Square Poles
Diameter offered:
  • 3″
  • 4″
  • 5″ (only in fluted & smooth round pole option)
Pole height:
  • 8′
  • 10′
  • 12′
  • 14′
  • 16

2. Choose Sign Finials: Top off your sign with one of our decorative sign finials. No matter your sign style, we have the perfect finial to complete the look. For elegance, we have the acorn. For Texas pride we have a star. For simplicity, there is the ball or cap. And the point suits a more modern look.

Because the pole is hollow a topper is necessary. For the Round poles an acorn, ball or even a circle star is available. For the square poles a small cap, a ball and a point finial is available. Be sure to choose a finial that will fit the dimension of your pole.

3. Choose Sign Bases: Because the pole is a direct burial installation the base is not necessary for function but it does offer a decorative element to your sign systems. Two-piece and Slip-over options are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Make sure to choose one that will fit your pole diameter.

4. Choose Signs: While poles are an integral part of any signage system, such systems would be pointless without the signs themselves. Think about what signs your community needs. We have everything from street signs to traffic signs. We can also make any MUTCD traffic or custom signs in various sizes. If you really want to add pizazz to your neighborhood, think about adding your community or city logo to your signs. We can produce these from your artwork or help design one for you. This kind of special detail will show the pride of your community to anyone passing through.

Sign Options:

  • Choose Type of Reflective Vinyl –  Retroreflectivity is the ability of a material to return light to its source. In order for the sin to appear bright to the drivers at night it needs to have a “retroreflective surface that will allow the light from the headlights of a car to reflect back to the drivers’ eyes.  MUTCD standard is High Intensity vinyl.
  • Choose Street Signs – There are several options for different shapes for your street signs which will allow you to include a logo or community identifying information. You may also choose from a regular street sign in a 9” x 36 and 6” x 36” sizes. The larger sign will allow for larger letters which is easier to read for passing cars.
  • Choose Traffic Signs – There are many different sizes but it is best to use a larger sign in higher traffic areas.

5. Sign Trims & Brackets: Much like a picture frame can turn a simple print into artwork you’re proud to display in your home, our traffic and sign trims add a polished look to your sign unit.

Cast aluminum sign trims are designed to enhance and protect your signs for years to come. Similar to a picture frame around a photograph, the trim borders and holds the sign for stability and style.

Sign Trim and Bracket Options:

  • Street Sign Trims & Decorative Scrolls
  • Traffic Sign Trims
  • Optional Logo Signs and Trims

We also offer a variety of complete sign units that will make finding sign systems for your community even easier. For a more detailed look at our offerings, you can order one of our streetscape products catalogs. And if you have any questions about the ordering process, you can browse through our frequently asked questions. Contact us today to make your own street sign.