Traditional Outdoor Trash Receptacle

Jackson Trash Receptacle 01

  • – Powder Coated and Features a Bolt Thru Design for Easy Installation
  • – 36 Gallons
  • – Only Available in Powder Coat Finish
  • – 1/8″ x 2″ Steel Flat Bar
  • – All MIG Welded Frame
  • – Portable and/or Surface Mount
  • – Lid and Liner are Included

Product Details

Decorative outdoor trash cans compliment the design of your streetscape, community park or retail shopping area. Stylish waste receptacles are designed to enhance the aesthetic of building entrances, urban centers or community areas where pedestrians need to dispose of waste.

The Jackson-T1 trash receptacle is a sleek line 36-gallon capacity can that visually enhances your outdoor space while providing a convenient location for litter disposal. This receptacle features a bolt thru design for easy insulation, has a two-piece base, and is powder coated for a durable, long-lasting finish. This portable waste can is available in a variety of colors, includes a liner and a lid, and can be surface mounted. Lid options include, “Rain Bonnet”, “Ash Urn”, and “Flat Top”.