MPC Parcel Locker

My Package Concierge by Florence

  • – Internal package compartment is 34.5” H x 12” W x 15”
  • – Available in 8 different colors
  • – Recessed mount design integrates seamlessly with exterior wall
  • – User-friendly, push button lock secures packages while providing homeowner and delivery carrier easy access
  • – Constructed of heavy aluminum and stainless steel for superior strength
  • – Resettable combination lock requires no electricity or batteries
  • – Accessible by any parcel carrier
  • – Rugged, weather-resistant powder coat finish resists scratching
  • – Patent pending water intrusion management system discharges water from interior compartment to protect your packages
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<h3>Product Details</h3>

As parcel delivery continues to grow with the adoption of internet shopping, deterring porch pirates and protecting your purchased merchandise is an ever-growing concern. Packages that are delivered often sit out in the open and invite theft. The MyPackageConcierge Parcel Package Locker securely keeps packages locked out of sight until you are ready to retrieve them.

The MPC Parcel Package Locker is an internal package compartment that is recessed mounted to integrate seamlessly with your exterior wall. The MPC Parcel Locker is constructed of heavy aluminum and stainless steel for superior long-lasting strength and is finished with a durable powder coat to protect from weather and resist scratching. Designed to hold most size parcel boxes, the MPC Parcel Locker has an internal package compartment of 34.5” H x 12” W x 15” D. The user-friendly, resettable push button lock combination gives both homeowner and delivery carrier easy access while providing package security. Available in 8 colors.