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We Invested in casting to provide the highest quality products

May 11, 2018

We Invested in casting to provide the highest quality products

The lighting industry faces a lot of challenges, which is why we put a lot of thought into our products. For example, if you want the best-quality products when it comes to light poles, casting plays an important role. As a leading provider of lighting solutions, we understand the value of aluminum casting. We are going to talk about the advantages of casting and how we have utilized it to the fullest to provide the highest quality products for our clients all over.

The Properties of Casting

Die casting is the way forward when it comes to manufacturing and designing pole bases. All across the lighting industry, aluminum accounts for more than 80% of the total die-cast parts. It is not without reason that aluminum is the preferred material. Aluminum casting might not be the suitable type for every project but for most, it is highly preferred.

To begin with, aluminum is lightweight, which ensures that the casting is made without adding any extra weight. At the same time, aluminum is resilient enough, which makes it a good choice for any kind of temperature. Plus, properties like good electrical and thermal conductivity, recyclability and non-magnetic nature make aluminum a great fit for manufacturing poles and bases.

The Benefits of Aluminium Casting

Whether its sign poles or finials, we invest considerably in aluminum casting and have derived several advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • No Extra Weight– Increased weight is a concern that we constantly strive to overcome while manufacturing fitments for lighting or mailboxes. With aluminum casting, the absence of the extra weight is perhaps the biggest advantage.
  • Resistant to Heat & Corrosion– Aluminium is a very durable material. As such, maintaining the stable temperature is not an issue at all. No matter how hot the temperature or how difficult the conditions, aluminum will never disappoint. Aluminum has a special affinity for oxygen and creates a film of aluminum oxide on the metal surface which prevents corrosion. In most environmental conditions the rate of aluminum corrosion decreases with time.
  • Versatility– This metal is highly versatile which is yet another aspect that makes aluminum casting so necessary for especially mailbox poles. In fact, the material works perfectly well whether you want extra-thin walls or a beautiful finish. It is highly ductile. With a low melting point and density, aluminum can be molded into any product close to the end of the design cycle.
  • Reduced Machining– Machining, as we all know, is an expensive operation that increases the overall costs. With aluminum casting, the amount of machining is drastically reduced. Aluminum offers a smooth finish. The surfaces can be, in particular, made truly flat and are often free of taper or draft. When secondary machining is less, the end product becomes much improved in terms of quality.

How We Work

At Brandon Industries, we have been focusing on casting and ensuring that all castings are made from cast aluminum. We are the leading providers of streetscape solutions for more than two and a half decades now. We stand out in the industry by virtue of the following that we offer for our clients:

  • The best price that is indeed the most competitive in the market. We offer our products at highly affordable rates, without compromising on the quality.
  • We understand that to strive in this extremely competitive industry, you need to get the products to your customers quickly. We offer you with the best-possible lead times and fill your orders as early as possible. You are not required to wait for more than 2 weeks for your requirements to be catered to.
  • Customization of services is our priority. Since we are focused on building a long-term customer relationship, we always provide our services with a personal touch. Get in touch with one of our salespersons if you have a custom order or have any queries.
  • We offer a 30-day refund along with a 1 year warranty that covers everything, apart from the labor. If there is a problem with our product, you can get a full refund. In fact, we will replace the entire product if the situation demands so.
  • Last but not the least, we can provide you with a full quote should you want one before availing our services.

Get in touch with us now if you are looking for high-quality lighting products made of cast aluminum.