Durable, First Class Post Top
& Decorative Street Lights

Streetscape Light Poles and Bollards

Decorative street lights and pathway lighting enhance the character and value of communities, residential neighborhoods and high foot-traffic city centers. Design elements like fluted poles, elegant finials and ornamental globes create a classical atmosphere while also delivering the durability and safety of LED lighting.
Brandon Industries manufactures complete outdoor lighting units for your streetscapes, parking lots, community areas and parks. These light poles and bollards are available in sleek modern designs or styles that provide an antique aesthetic. For light pole assemblies, combinations of base designs, round or fluted poles, modern design or traditional globes and a variety of decorative finials provide you the flexibility to create the style that best fits your needs.

One Partner for Your Street, Sidewalk and Neighborhood Areas

We strive to make your life easier by providing all of your Streetscape needs under one roof. Your time is valuable, and we help eliminate the need to deal with multiple vendors. We also carry a large ready to ship inventory to cover you when you are short on time. With one call or email, Brandon Industries can handle all of your Streetscape needs.