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Community Signage

Featured Signage, Trim, and Street Sign Brackets

Decorative street signs enhance the overall character of a community or urban area while directing travelers safely to their destinations. Design elements like channel, fluted, square, or smooth poles work together with finials and bases to create a cohesive aesthetic design. Leading developers incorporate decorative signage into commercial and residential projects to create curb appeal that increases business visibility, improves community pride, and contributes to the overall cohesiveness of the outdoor space.

Brandon Industries produces decorative street signage units that assist designers in creating character and adding value to residential neighborhoods, city centers, community parks, and commercial venues. Offering combinations of bracket designs, poles, simple or elegant finials, and a variety of base designs, these traffic sign kits from Brandon Industries are designed to create the desired cohesive aesthetic for your community.

One Vendor, Many Products

We strive to make your life easier by providing all of your Streetscape needs under one roof. Your time is valuable, and we help eliminate the need to deal with multiple vendors. We also carry a large ready to ship inventory to cover you when you are short on time. With one call or email, Brandon Industries can handle all of your Streetscape needs.