Do you offer LED lighting?
Yes, we are proud to be teaming up with Cree, a market leader in LED, to offer you the very best in reliable LED solutions.

What is a “Fluted” pole? 
Fluting is a decorative process that cuts rounded grooves vertically into many of our mailbox posts, sign poles, and lamp poles.

What is a “Channel” pole? 
The channel pole has the look of a fluted pole but it has either two channels (on 3”OD poles) or four (on 4” OD poles) running the length of the pole. This allows you to guide the nut of your sign or mailbox bracket through the channel and lock it into place without drilling the pole.

What does “OD” refer to? 
OD means “outside diameter.”

What is H.I.D Lighting?
HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, which are light sources originally developed for outdoor and industrial applications. Their relatively long life compared to incandescent reduces maintenance costs and their high efficacy minimizes energy usage, thereby lowering the overall operating cost of an HID light source. HID lamps are best for applications where they‘re on for eight to ten hour intervals and are not switched on and off intermittently.

What is the difference between High Pressure Sodium lighting and Metal Halide lighting? 
Both are a type of HID Lighting. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting has a longer rated life but yields a yellow light thereby used where color rendition is less critical. Metal Halide (MH) lighting yields a crisp white light and is used most in applications sensitive to color.

How much light do I need? 
This is a difficult question to answer. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish and whether or not you’re combining automobile and pedestrian traffic. The landscape itself plays a major role in lighting a given area. Our sales staff will be happy to discuss some options, but there may be some cases where the service of a local lighting engineer is warranted.

Do you offer refractor globes and light shields?
We have a variety of refractor globes available for specialty lighting needs. We also have cutoff and semi-cutoff fixtures to reduce up lighting.

Do you have breakaway poles for street signs?
Does your breakaway system meet our DOT’s standards? We have breakaway kits which may be used with both our 3” and 4” fluted round sign poles. The breakaway system is Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approved and we can provide the letter of approval and testing information for your use in the approval process or your individual DOT’s standards.

What does it mean when someone talks about the retroreflectivity of a sign?
Retroreflectivity is the ability of a material to return light to its source. In order for the sign to appear bright to the drivers at night it needs to have a “retroreflective” surface that will allow the light from the headlights of passing car to reflect back to the driver’s eyes.

How do I install my mailbox?
Most of our mailbox posts are installed via direct burial, but we have a few surface mount options. Please click here to view our mailbox installation instructions.

What type of finish are the products and are other colors available?
Electrostatically applied Polyester Thermoset powder-coat black is our standard finish, but you may also select from powder-coat dark bronze or dark green for a slightly higher price. You may also select a verde green finish, which is a hand-painted coat applied to our standard black finish.

Why are the parts made of aluminum?
Aluminum will not rust, making it well suited for outdoor conditions. It’s lightweight yet durable, recyclable, and also is cost-effective, allowing us to pass the savings on to you.

What if I don’t see the type of sign I need?
We offer many types and sizes of signs. We can manufacture signs in custom shapes and make signs out of a variety of materials. These include custom street signs, traffic control signs, wayfinding signs and many others. If you don’t see the type of sign you need, call or email and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I know what types of street and traffic signs are required for my project?
Brandon Industries manufactures street and traffic signs that comply with MUTCD and local regulations. It’s important to check with your local municipal authority to determine the requirements in your area.

How do you ship my order?
Some parts are able to ship by UPS Ground, but poles over the length of 8’ must ship via freight line. We will work to get you the best possible rate. Shipping charges are FOB McKinney, Texas.

How long is the lead time on my order?
Normal lead time is two weeks – the fastest in the industry.

How do I get prices and find shipping charges?
Call and talk to a sales representative or add your products to the shopping cart and provide us your contact information. We will call or email you a quote, including the price for shipping.

How do I order and pay?
Brandon Industries, Inc., wants to provide you with the opportunity to do business one-on-one. You’ll always get in touch with a sales associate when you contact us. To take advantage of our low prices and quick delivery, call us at 800-247-1274 (M-F 8:30-5 CST) and we will take your order in person. If you prefer, you may fax your order to us at 972.542.1015 or mail your check or money order to: Brandon Industries, Inc., PO BOX 2230, McKinney, TX 75070-8167.