Acrylic acorn globe for street lamps, light poles and LED outdoor light posts. Traditional post top model 26A from Brandon Industries.

Large Polycarbonate Acorn Globe


    • – Height: 22″ Width: 14″ with a 8″ Neck
    • – 400 Watt Max Incandescent, 250W Max HID


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Product Details

Many post top lamps utilize either polycarbonate or acrylic decorative globes to protect the light engine and add style to the fixture. The acorn style globe is a timeless look that can be mounted to round and fluted aluminum poles. Polycarbonate globes are stronger than acrylic globes but acrylic is more transparent, allowing more of the light to pass through.

The 26 model is a polycarbonate post top mounted acorn globe that is 22” tall with an attractive surface finish to add character to your neighborhood or urban center post top lamps.