Classic Cluster Box Unit


    • – Decorative and safe option for retrieving your mail in a centralized location.
    • – Type 1 CBU comes with 8 Tenants and 2 Parcels
    • – Standard Color is Black
    • – Available in Black, Dark Bronze, Tan, and White
    • – 1 Year Warranty


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Product Details

Decorative cluster box units, CBU’s, are used for secure access to mail and parcel delivery by multiple residents in one central location, such as apartments and condominium communities. As parcel delivery continues to grow with the adoption of internet shopping, the combination of tenant and parcel boxes provide needed functionality for residents. Style options like fluted pedestal poles, finials, crown molding and classical trim features offer the flexibility to compliment your community style.

The CBU-CL-8-1570 is a pedestal based CBU with a fluted pole and classical crown molding on the top of the unit. It offers 8 tenant mail boxes and 2 parcel units, one larger than the other. The box is available in Black, Dark Bronze, Tan, and White.