Decorative Lamp Post Base with 4" OD Pole


  • – Extruded Aluminum Pole with Decorative Base
  • – Base Height: 23” Base Width: 17”
  • – 4” OD Smooth Round Pole
  • – Pole Heights: 9’8″, 10’8″, 11’8″, 12’8″, 13’8″, 14’8″
  • – Polyester Powder-Coat Finish
  • – Fits all Post Top Fixtures

Product Details

Decorative street light poles require an elegant or stately base cover to not only complete the architectural look, but also to add protection and durability for the street light unit. Covering the base of the pole reduces water and debris build-up from around the poles ground entry point and protects any hardware from exposure or tampering. These base covers are available in sleek contemporary styles or antique architectural looks, perfect for whatever aesthetic your home-owners association, retail development, park or urban area desires.

The CL5 base cover is a simple and sleek design for 4” round poles. The base is a one-piece aluminum unit, covered in a polyester powder-coat for durability and long-lasting protection of the street light appearance. The CL5 also includes an access door and stainless-steel fasteners.