Modern Post Top Luminaire Unit


    • – H-01 LED Modern Post Top Luminaire
    • – CL6 Decorative Base
    • – Post Top Height: 25.6″ Post Top Width 18.1″
    • – Base Height: 25.5” Base Width: 17”
    • – Fits all 3″,4″, and 5″ Brandon Industries Smooth or Fluted Poles


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Product Details

Contemporary styled post top lights provide both form and function for city centers, community areas, campuses and revitalized downtown blocks. At night the area lights provide security and foot path lighting for pedestrians as well as street visibility for automotive traffic. During the day the post tops contribute to the streetscape and landscape visual appeal.

The CL6-H-01 contemporary LED light pole unit includes die cast and extruded aluminum components that are polyester powder-coated for a durable, quality appearance. The streetscape luminaire delivers either a Type 4 or Type 5 distribution pattern for a semi-circular light field or a full circular light distribution. The unit includes an elegant decorative 25.5” x 17” base with access door.