Post Top Style Integrated LED Lamp

Integrated LED

  • – Post Top Lamp Style
  • – Small and Powerful LED System
  • – Wattage: 30W and 50W
  • – Voltage: 100-277v
  • – CCT: 3000K-5000K
  • – Dimensions: 7.25″ X 4.25″
  • – Lumens: 110 lm/w

Product Details

Integrated LED fixtures feature LED chips that are included directly into the luminaire, unlike fixtures where LEDs can be removed. Directly integrating the LEDs enables improved energy efficiency and a longer life span. Post-top integrated LED fixtures are designed to fit seamlessly with the style of post-top lamps and deliver a more visually appealing aesthetic.

The Integrated LED Post Top is available in various specifications ranging from 30W and 3000K to 50W and 5000K, each delivering 110 lumens per watt.