Create a Cluster Mailbox Installation Your Residents Will Love

cbu-cl-13Cluster mailboxes are now required for most new residential developments.

The U.S. Postal Service loves them because they reduce delivery costs. But residents accustomed to door-to-door delivery aren’t always so enthusiastic – especially if the new boxes are inconvenient or unattractive.

That’s why good planning is critical to a successful cluster mailbox installation. When you include cluster mailboxes in the early planning of community common spaces, your mailbox area can become a community gathering place as well as a safe and secure spot for incoming and outgoing mail.

To create cluster mailboxes that residents will appreciate:

  • Consult with local postal officials about the location of your cluster mailboxes, and to prevent interruptions in mail delivery.
  • Put mailboxes in areas with good lighting and visibility to reduce the threat of theft or vandalism.
  • Set mailboxes back from the street or face them away from the street so residents and mail carriers can access them safely.
  • Provide parking near the mailboxes.
  • Consider how the mailboxes will be accessed in inclement weather, particularly snow and ice. Placing them in a building, under an awning or in a common area with regular snow removal service will help prevent accidents.
  • Follow USPS regulations, which include having one parcel locker for every 10 mailboxes.
  • Choose a mailbox style that complements the overall look and feel of the neighborhood.

Brandon Industries is a USPS-approved cluster mailbox provider. Our classic and traditional pedestal-style cluster mailboxes are built to last, and they make a stylish addition to any community.


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