Four Things Decorative Street Signs Say About Your Community

STOP! No U turn! Pedestrian Crossing! Main Street! These are all the typical messages you expect your community’s traffic, wayfinding and street signs to communicate. And they’re all good messages to put forth.

But, did you know custom decorative street signs communicate these fundamental messages, and much, much more? Let’s take a look at what else they communicate:

Your Community is a Great Place to Be

You could go with basic street signs and wayfinding signs that display the same old thing. But, people can get that type of experience anywhere they go. If you get a more custom street sign with a decorative finial and base, you’re telling visitors your community is a little different than the average neighborhood. They’ll feel more welcome, and if there are businesses in the area they might be a little more likely to spend there.

You Care About Your Community

People always want to be a part of something. Decorative street signs, wayfinding signs and traffic signs are a great way to show you, your neighbors, and anyone who visits your municipality or neighborhood care about how it looks. You’ll attract like-minded individuals, which makes your community the happy, enjoyable place you want it to be.

If You’re Not Interested in Caring for Your Community, This Isn’t the Place for You

Conversely, you’ll also scare away the type of person who simply does not care about their community or taking care of it. You will minimize the type of citizen who seems to be out to make things more difficult for everyone else. And instead, you’ll attract those citizens who really care about the quality of their neighborhood.

Your Neighborhood or Municipality is a Safe Place to Be

Neighborhoods that care about the way the area looks are generally safer places to be than neighborhoods who don’t take pride in their community. Your residents and visitors will instantly feel more comfortable. Visitors may be more likely to return again in the future or even eventually become permanent residents.

What Do Your Current Street Signs Say?

Take a look at your current street signs and consider whether they are communicating the message you want. If not, is today the day to make a change to custom decorative street signs, wayfinding signs and traffic signs?

If the answer is yes, call Brandon Industries today.