Hail Season is Coming, Call us for Replacement Street Lights

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Every time there is a hailstorm, it’s almost always accompanied by mass destruction of property, uprooted trees, and power cuts. Restoration work after a hailstorm can often run into millions of dollars.

Damages are severe when the size of the hailstones is as big as a golf ball. Imagine the destruction a single hailstone can do. Shattered glass, broken windscreens and damaged rooftops are a common occurrence.

Apart from these, there could be multiple hail damaged areas around the house that are commonly overlooked or missed due to poor lighting conditions. For example, metal fence caps, garage doors, hail damage on wooden decks and metal sheds and awnings can be easily missed.

The LED exterior lighting post top fixtures also could get damaged in a hailstorm. And it’s important that you replace them quickly so that you can spot any other damage that hail has done to the exterior of your house.

Street lights are prone to damages during the hail season, as they stand unprotected against the lashing winds and crushing hail.

Why is proper street lighting essential?

It is important that you have proper and functional street lighting especially during the hail season because:

  • Hailstorms generally occur at night. If you are on the road during that time it would be difficult for you to get to your destination without properly illuminated streets.
  • Neighborhoods with more trees are generally darker when compared to those with fewer trees. These neighborhoods require appropriate street lighting for pedestrians, drivers, and riders.
  • There’s a good chance that you could run over a pedestrian or an animal if visibility is lacking on the street due to poor lighting.
  • You cannot see uprooted trees, branches or debris that could block your way when driving on a street with poor lighting. This can result in accidents.

Maintenance of street lights

Depending on the area you live in, the responsibility of the maintenance of street lights could be of the city, the department of transportation, the power company that serves the area or a shared responsibility among all of them.

Most towns are now moving to LED street lamps. An acrylic LED post top is durable and virtually maintenance free, as it is way more resilient than glass. They also come in a range of designs that you can choose from. Take a look at our collection of post top fixtures that fit 3” to 5” OD round poles.

Preventive Maintenance

Relamping is required for sodium street lights and the frequency is once every four to five years. Generally, re-lamping requires prior planning on the part of the town’s streetlight maintenance department. Closure of streets, traffic control off-hour shifts are all part of the preventive maintenance.

But, LED street lamps do not require any maintenance, as they have a long life. They last 2.5 times longer than HID lamps and use 50% less energy for the same amount of brightness.

Response Repairs

This sort of repair is required during hail season or during outages. Since hailstones can break street lights and fixtures, replacing the damaged ones with LED post top is necessary to protect the lamp from further damage. Keeping the streetlights functional during a storm is all the more important to keep the neighborhood safe and make life easier for rescue operators.

Upgrades and Modifications

Most town departments are considering replacing sodium lights with LEDs because they provide better luminance, reliability and energy savings. Upgrading conventional lamps to LEDs would mean that it would be easier to handle outages during the storm season.

Why you should go with LED’s if you are looking for replacement street lights:

  • Save your city/town money: Using LED lamps lowers your power and maintenance bills while also reducing the carbon footprint. It might seem like LED’s cost a lot of upfront, but the savings on power and maintenance will more than pay for the higher initial cost in the long run.
  • Safe Neighborhood: A recent study has shown that crimes rates have gone down in an LA neighborhood after bright LEDs were installed on the streets. People also felt safer walking home at night. Apart from accidents a well-illuminated street deters crime and makes sure the neighborhood is safe for everyone.

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