Good Manufacturing Processes Mean Products are Built to Last

This die-casted base is just one result of Brandon Industries' exceptional manufacturing processes

This die-casted base is just one result of Brandon Industries’ exceptional manufacturing processes

When you install new signage, mailboxes and lighting in a development, the last thing you want to worry about is wear and tear and, worse yet, rust.

At Brandon Industries our products are built to last, combining old-school casting methods with modern innovations and manufacturing processes.

Our lamp post components and mailbox parts, including finials, bases and decorative brackets, are made from durable cast aluminum, which doesn’t rust. Cast aluminum is lightweight, extremely long-lasting, recyclable and cost-effective, which our customers appreciate.

Some manufacturers use materials that cause oxidation issues, but we use a super durable paint. The electrostatically applied Polyester Thermoset powder-coat black is our standard finish. A powder-coat dark bronze or dark green is a slightly more expensive, but attractive, option.

In coastal cities, rust is an issue because of the higher concentrations of salt. Our salt spray test simulates two years and 41 days of continuous salt exposure. Our products can withstand a much longer period of exposure to salt, while other parts that we’ve tested simply crumble.

With 27 years in the business, tried and true manufacturing processes and thousands of satisfied customers, Brandon Industries is a manufacturer you can trust.

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