How to Be Spooky, Yet Safe, This Halloween

Garden Patio With Jack-o-lanterns

At Halloween, parks and yards become spooky graveyards. Ordinary buildings turn into haunted houses. Scarecrows, skeletons, spider webs and ghosts dangle from houses and trees, and jack o’lanterns shine their orange eyes.

Halloween decorations are fun, but they can also pose safety hazards. Here are some tips for setting up community or household decorations that are as safe as they are festive.

  • If you’re organizing a community haunted house or Halloween display, make sure pathways are well-lit at night. Temporary pathway lights can enhance safety and prevent dangerous falls without spoiling the spooky atmosphere.
  • Make sure decorations are properly secured. When a decoration falls from a high perch, it can hit someone and cause serious injuries. On a windy day, wayward decorations can blow into traffic or obstruct sidewalks, causing accidents.
  • Don’t let Halloween decorations obscure signs or obstruct the light coming from streetlights. Keep them well away from streets and sidewalks.
  • Inspect all holiday lighting for frayed wires or other signs of wear that could present a fire hazard. Replace or repair any problem lights before setting up this year’s display.
  • The open flames in Halloween luminaria and jack o’lanterns can tempt children and present a fire risk. A safer alternative is to use battery operated or electric lights instead.
  • Clean up after Halloween is over. Sidewalks, driveways and streets may be littered with pieces of candy, stray bits of costumes and decorations and the shards of smashed pumpkins. Clean up promptly to keep the area looking tidy and prevent slips and falls.

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