Use Sign Trims and Accessories to Project the Right Image

homepage-signage-calloutOn most American roads, traffic and street signs are bolted to plain metal poles. They aren’t especially attractive, but they keep us safe and help us find our way.

But in some places, the signs are different. They’re on decorative poles, not plain ones. They have borders around them, and maybe a swirly scroll and a finial on top.

And people notice. Those decorative accents are a small thing, but they send a telling message: This neighborhood is something special.

Here are some ways that decorative sign trims and accessories can enhance the image of a neighborhood, shopping area, downtown or historic district:

  • Decorative trims and accessories set an upscale tone. Their custom look can increase the perceived value of homes in a neighborhood or attract new clientele to a shopping and dining district.
  • Decorative sign parts help define a neighborhood’s character and set it apart from the ho-hum subdivision down the street. Add decorative scrolls above or below street signs for a more custom look.
  • Sign trims act like a picture frame around a traffic or street sign. They make a plain sign more attractive, and they help to strengthen and protect it. Nothing says “neglect” like a bent street sign.
  • By installing street signs with trims and decorative accessories, developers show they care about creating a neighborhood that’s safe and attractive.
  • Specialty accessories like flower vine scrollwork can add to the character and charm of a historic district or shopping area.

Brandon Industries specializes in custom street signs with our line of sign trims and accessories, decorative poles and finials.

Contact us to learn how we can create a complete sign system or help you choose the right decorative accents for your existing signs.