Why Your Mailbox is Important

1425661690_txq45-xxq4-hx_1368_detailOften neglected, mailboxes are instrumental in creating the first impression of a home. Your mailbox is the visual staple that guests immediately recognize. Simply investing a few more dollars into your mailbox can significantly increase the value of your house.

Your mailbox is an extension of your house, and it should reflect the quality. Stay away from plastic mailboxes or low-quality metal mailboxes with a wooden base. These mailboxes either have a short shelf life or quickly lose luster.

Homes in rural areas are more susceptible to mailbox vandalism, having noticeably durable mailboxes – and posts – can deter vandals. Some homeowners suggest reinforcing your mailbox with brick or cement. Mounting a metal plate to the underground base of a mailbox will cause damage to anything strong enough to knock it over.

Navigation systems are helpful for leading visitors to your house’s general area, but without an easily readable street address, finding a house in the dark is especially difficult. Families that live in wooded areas know the importance of clean, clearly visible mailboxes. Revamping the numbers on your mailbox and adding a light source nearby will reduce the likelihood of visitors missing your house. Never again hear the words, “I had trouble finding your place.”

Mailboxes don’t have to be uniform to the street to look good. Let Brandon Industries help you add more value to your home with our decorative mailbox options. Even the mailman will be impressed.