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5 Common Signage Mistakes that Are Killing the Actual Purpose

August 23, 2018

5 Common Signage Mistakes that Are Killing the Actual Purpose

August 23, 2018

Wayfinding signs are an important navigation tool, the quality of which goes a long way to getting drivers and pedestrians to their destination. Whether it’s a street sign pointing the way to the museum or a directional sign that shows that turning left would take you to AT&T Stadium – signs always have a purpose. However, if those signs aren’t designed right, there is no point in putting one up.  

Here are the top five common signage mistakes:

Cluttered Signs

Never design a sign that has too much going on it at the same time. Cluttered signs appear crowded and unappealing. They lack readability and often fail to deliver the actual message. Make your sign neat and clear.

Lack of Contrast

It’s important to get the colors right, but it is more important to get the contrast right. Easiest way out is a white on black or vice versa. But if you’re going for colors you need to make sure the text stands out when viewed from a distance. Also, specific colors on street signs convey specific meanings. Be sure to know what each color might convey in its own right.

Bad Location

There’s no point in putting up a sign somewhere people can’t see it. Maybe a tree is hiding it or it stands in a cluster of signs that are overcrowding it. Consider the impact of seasons and surroundings on the location of your sign.


You come up with a fantastic design for the sign and the final product looks good too; but there’s one problem – it says “Avennue”instead of “Avenue.”Spelling and punctuation mistakes make for bad impressions. You don’t want them on your signage. Always double check and proofread. 

Ignoring the Size

Bigger signs do a better job at being “visible,” but too big wouldn’t work either. Your sign should be sized just right. There are two things you need to consider for this:

  • The standard regulatory size
  • The position from where the sign would be in perspective.
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