Quality Streetscape Solutions Since 1987

At Brandon Industries we are at the forefront of enhancing the face of America’s neighborhoods, while retaining their heritage. It is our goal to bring visually stunning spaces to life. For over 37 years, our wide variety of Quality Streetscape Solutions have been doing just that. This includes street lights, street signs, site furnishings, cluster box units, and much more. We carry a full family of products, and we can sell you everything from components to the complete unit.

Featured Products

modern LED round lamp with arms


25.6″ x 18.1″ | Modern


23″ x 17″ | 4″ Round Pole
Structural Anchor Base

Decorative stop sign pole with two street signs. Brandon Industries model SPF4-1A is a fluted round pole with acorn finial.


4″ Fluted/Smooth Round Pole

BrandonInStock WebImage 04 04

Quality and Timeless Decorative Bases and Poles

Proud to offer a wide range of post top and signage base and pole options. When the architectural aesthetic of a home-owners association, retail development, park, or urban area calls for decorative street signage and LED street lighting, we have the inventory on hand.

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