acorn globe with globe holder

LED Traditional Post Top Luminaire


    • – Fits all 3″,4″,& 5″ Brandon Industries Lighting Base and Poles (requires adapter for 5″ pole)
    • – Height: 28″ Width 14″
    • – -26A Acrylic Acorn Globe
    • – Optional GF-1 Finial


Product Details

Post top lighting has been around for over 200 years, and while the light source has evolved from actual flame to today’s energy efficient LED luminaires, in many cases the style of the post top fixture reflects some of those earliest designs. Whether you are looking for a traditional, classic post top look or a more modern, and contemporary aesthetic, Brandon Industries offers a variety of choices.
Post top lighting not only provides safety and functionality during the night, they also add style and character to your community, urban retail centers or residential neighborhood during the day. Selecting the right style of post top with your pole and base is an important streetscape design decision.

The model AA post top kit is a traditional acorn globe mounted on a die cast aluminum globe holder, that is polyester powder-coated for durability and long-lasting curb appeal. The AA will fit all Brandon Industries smooth round or fluted poles and will be an elegant addition to your sidewalks, parking areas or neighborhood streets.