Historical Double Post Top Upright Arm


  • – Historical and Decorative Luminaire Arm
  • – Available in Double configuration
  • – Slip Over Mounting
  • – Fits all Brandon Industries 4″ and 5″ Poles
  • – Cast Aluminum
  • – Height: 19.3″ Width: 40″
  • – Supports Brandon Industries Post Top Luminaires

Product Details

A design project is taken to the next level when decorative elements are implemented into the installation. Brandon Industries’ luminaire arms and accessories offer elegant detail to enhance any streetscape, neighborhood, and city center. Constructed from cast aluminum and built to last, these decorative arms and accessories will add distinctive character and sophistication to the project’s curb appeal and provide strength and stability to the luminaire.

The DPA-HP Historical Double Post Top Upright Arm features convenient slip-over mounting, is constructed from durable cast aluminum, and has a polyester powder-coat finish for long-lasting use. This elegant luminaire arm fits all Brandon Industries 4” and 5” poles, is available in double configuration, and is designed with elegant detail to enhance your installation area.