ClearPath Pet Station


  • – Round Finial and Base Options Available
  • – Pole: 3” OD Smooth
  • – Mounting: Direct Burial
  • – Finish: Black, Polyester Powder-Coat Electrostatically Applied & Thermocured
  • – Warranty: 1 Year

Product Details

A pet waste station is a freestanding unit that provides pet owners with the tools to clean up after their pets. Pet stations are often found in public places where pets are allowed, such as parks, trails, and beaches. The stations can also be located in private communities like apartment complexes and office parks and are designed to be left in place year-round.

The benefits of pet waste stations include helping to keep public and private spaces clean and sanitary, reducing the risk of spreading diseases that can be transmitted through pet waste, and encouraging pet owners to be responsible and clean up after their pets.

The PSC-S3 Clearpath Pet Station is polyester powder-coated for durability and a long-lasting professional appearance. The fixture components are made from aluminum, cast aluminum, and an extruded aluminum alloy. The 7ft smooth pole is designed to be buried 18” below grade, directly in the ground, and has a ball finial on top.