Lighted Bollards

Lighted Bollard Styles and Applications in Landscape Design

LED bollards are a valuable component in landscape design projects. By providing illumination within a landscape, lighted bollards can create additional beauty with light and shadows without disrupting landscaping design or function. Not only do lighted bollards accent the beauty within design projects, but they also improve the safety of pedestrians and visually communicate traffic flow designs…

Decorative Street Light

Are Street Lights, Street Lamps, and Pole Lights the Same?

What’s in a name? When it comes to illuminating streets, roads, sidewalks, medians, and parking lots, the name depends on where you are in the United States or globally. Some may refer to this illumination source as a street light, pole light, light post, or street lamp. No matter what you call it, the light it casts allows safe passage for pedestrians and motor vehicles in darkness. The light source also makes an excellent gathering place for moths and other night insects that enjoy the light…

Decorative Streetlighting and Signage Poles/Bases Not Affected by Supply Chain Issues

The heavy reliance on the global supply chain for the $1.3 trillion US construction industry makes it sensitive to events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Issues stemming from this once-in-a-generation event that significantly disrupted the supply chain translated into completion delays in every aspect of construction since many projects have materials sourced from China and other global manufacturers…

Brandon Industries Announces the Hire of a Veteran OEM Salesman to lead its OEM Lighting, Poles, and Castings Division.

McKinney, TX – Brandon Industries, a leading manufacturer of exterior lighting and aluminum poles, is pleased to announce the hire of Derek Stafford, a seasoned OEM Salesman, to lead the creation and development of the new OEM Lighting, Poles, and Castings division. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, Derek brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Brandon Industries. In his new role, Derek will be responsible for expanding Brandon Industries OEM business and building solid relationships with key customer accounts….